March Decluttering Challenge


The month of March is ideal for decluttering your house and starting new for the spring season. The change of the seasons is an ideal time to re-evaluate your belongings and get rid of items you no longer require.

Decluttering can be a difficult chore, but with enough forethought and work, it can be a rejuvenating and gratifying experience. Some activities take only a few minutes to accomplish, while others might be completed in one afternoon on the weekend.

In this article, we will explore March decluttering challenge to help you simplify your work. Let’s start.

Create a Plan

You don’t have to perform any physical organizing or cleaning on the first day. Instead, take a minute or two to identify the most congested parts of your home so you can create a plan for how to deal with them in the future. Clutter hotspots are often your doorway drop zone, closets, pantry areas, and any drawer or cabinet that can be easily closed to disguise the filth within.

Go around your house and make a list of any untidy locations you notice without touching anything. Finally, go through all of the drawers, cabinets, and cupboards again to determine your top clutter hot spots. Let’s start decluttering now that you’ve established your list.


Begin by removing everything that has another home. Clothes and scarves are returned to the closet, boots and shoes to the garage, and cards and mail are checked and filed. Then, for whatever is left over, consider adding entry storage options.

If you don’t have a designated spot for keys or the dog’s leash, hang decorative hooks behind the front door. If you receive a lot of mail and packages, a lovely woven basket can keep things hidden until you’re ready to go through it.

Declutter Your Closet

You certainly have outdated clothes, shoes, or bags in your closet that you will never wear. There’s no reason to retain stuff that is just taking up room, whether it’s a purchase you didn’t end up appreciating or a pair of trousers that no longer fit. Examine every item in your closet and discard everything you haven’t worn or used in the last six months.

Fill a donation box with everything you no longer need that is in excellent condition, then take inventory of what you have left and organize your closet in a way that works for you. This may also free up some storage space in other parts of your home for junk.

Declutter Living Room

Examine your living room. Is it cluttered with items that don’t belong in the space but have accumulated due to the place where your family spends a lot of time? Do you require a nice-looking basket or toy box that may be kept in the room? Toys may be tossed there at the end of the day instead of spending time gathering them all and transporting them to your child’s bedroom each evening.

Are the table tops crowded, and are the drawers stuffed? Go through them all! You can also employ HomePlus Nashua, NH, house cleaning services to clear and clean your entire home.

Declutter Your Spice Drawer

Remove any bottles and jars from your spice drawer or cupboard, and discard something you’ve had for years. To test each spice before tossing it, sprinkle a bit on your fingers and rub them together. If it has a strong odor, it is most likely still edible. If not, trash it and change it.

When you’ve cleared out the drawer and added replacements to your next shopping order, organize what’s left in a way that allows you to see what you have at a glance. When you can’t find something for a certain recipe, you won’t have to buy duplicates. Also, organize your medical cabinet by removing expired medications.

The Bathroom

Take inventory of what you use and discard any outdated cosmetic products, useless cleaning supplies, nearly-empty bottles, or anything else you aren’t utilizing. Just restock goods you know you’ll need, and use drawer dividers or storage containers to keep similar items together.

Next, go inside the bathroom and get rid of any empty bottles, toiletries, or bath items that you won’t be using. If you’re new to decluttering, the bathroom is a fantastic place to start.

Your Books

Determine how much book storage space you have in your home. Keep just the books that will fit in this slot. Throw away any extra books (unless you truly need additional storage since you’re a reader who adores books).

Donate or discard books that you no longer desire, are in poor condition, or that you have many copies of.

Clean All the Stuff

Cleaning is necessary to eliminate filth, dust, and grime from a room, and it may enhance indoor air quality, limit pathogen spread, and boost mental clarity and well-being.

Cleaning a space after decluttering is also crucial to ensure that the remaining objects are stored in a sanitary and ordered way.

Hire the Cleaning Services

In conclusion, decluttering and cleaning in tandem to produce a clean, orderly, and healthy living environment. There are different things in your house to declutter. If you can’t find it in the article and now you are facing a problem, then hire HomePlus cleaning services in Nashua, NH, for decluttering and cleaning your home.

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