Find the Benefits of Deep Cleaning Services


Your bedroom is the first thing you see when you wake up and the last before you close your eyes at night. It’s a special space dedicated solely to your specific desires and demands and therefore deserves to be treated as special as you deserve to be treated.

A cluttered bedroom adds to daily stress, induces anxiety, and even disrupts your sleep quality. On the other hand, a clean and orderly space promotes tranquility and relaxation when you hit the blankets at night.

So, when life becomes too stressful, devote an hour to cleaning your bedroom to restore some calm. With our comprehensive bedroom deep cleaning guide, you can transform your bedroom into a welcoming space, which covers all of your bedroom bases, including surfaces, linens, and even your floors.

By the time you’re done with our bedroom cleaning checklist, your room will be nice, tidy, and ready for a restful night’s sleep.

Step 1: Put all Items Away

You’ll need to undertake a short clean-up first if your room is severely cluttered, with stuff and garments on the floor. Remove any garbage you find and put other belongings back where they belong, even if they don’t belong in your bedroom. Place dirty clothes in a laundry basket and clean clothes in their designated areas.

When you start your deep cleaning, you should have a somewhat tidy room. This gets you into the habit of regular cleaning.

Step 2: Strip Your Bed

If you’re going to clean your bedroom thoroughly, your bed will most likely be the source of all the items you’re trying to tidy. To avoid damage to your blankets or mattress, place some protection over them. You can cover your mattress with an old blanket as you take off your sheets and toss them in the washing machine.

Step 3: Dust All Areas

Dusting is essential for maintaining a clean home. Excess dust causes health problems and might increase allergy symptoms, making sleeping more difficult. Dusting furniture and other surfaces is a good idea, but when you’re deep cleaning, you should also dust other areas.

Walls, ceiling corners, fans, headboards, window rods, curtains, drapes, and other light fixtures are all spots you want to hit as you work your way down from the top of your ceiling. Because all of the dust from the top will fall on lower surfaces, starting at the top assures that you capture as much dust as possible.

You can either use a microfiber dust rag to catch all the dust or a vacuum cleaner with a dusting attachment if necessary.

Step 4: Clear Clutter

Decluttering not only creates more space but is also good for mental health. Having too many useless things around can make you feel distracted and anxious, which can cause sleeping problems.

Start by gathering all of the little items from your drawers and closets into a box or laundry basket, washing them down with a moist cloth to remove dust as you go. Throw away any broken or expired items, such as outdated makeup or medicine. Decide which objects you want to keep in your bedroom and place the rest in a box to store somewhere or donate.

Step 5: Clean under Your Bed

Just like what you did with your closets and drawers, remove the trash and find a home for the items you want to keep or return them to their proper place. To keep your bed clean, vacuum or brush the dust and grime out from underneath it. Clean the floor beneath your bed frame with a broom or vacuum cleaner.

Step 6: Wipe Surfaces

After dusting, it’s critical to wipe clean all surfaces. It not only prevents dust accumulation and build-up but also eliminates germs and makes your furniture look clean and fresh. Make careful to clean your furniture using the right cleaner, especially if it’s made of wood.

Wipe down dressers, shelves, bookcases, door frames, lamps, headboards, and other surfaces with a clean, moist cloth. Mirrors should be cleaned with a glass cleaner.

Step 7: Vacuum and Sweep the Floor

It’s impossible to have a spotless bedroom unless you have cleaned the floors. Dust bunnies, grime, and other debris may be strewn across your floor. Run a vacuum cleaner across the floors, giving extra attention to locations under furniture and crevices, especially if you have carpet or rugs.

If you have wooden floors, you should mop them to remove any leftover debris, dust, or spill residue. For carpeted floors, use a vacuum to get rid of dust bunnies.

While trying to clean the floors, try to reach as far under the bed and heavy furniture as possible. If you have a lightweight side table or chair that you can simply move, place it in the hallway while you clean your floors.

If you are around Boston and need some heavy-duty floor cleaning and vacuuming, our professional house cleaning service is more than willing to lend a hand!

Step 8: Reassemble

It’s time to put things back in order now that you’ve deep cleaned your space. Bring back all of the boxes and baskets you took out of your room and put them back in their proper places. Fold and store all of your clean clothes, then make your bed with fresh, clean sheets and pillows.

It’s finally time to lay down in your bed and enjoy the fruits of your labor!

If you can’t muster the energy or don’t have enough time to deep clean your room, you always have an option of hiring a house cleaning service like HomePlus to handle the dirty work for you!

Our professional cleaners in Boston can deep clean your room using the right equipment and methods and leave it to sparkle clean!

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