The Ultimate Sofa and Mattress Cleaning Guide


Most of the time, diseases are caused by bacteria. These cases generally happen in the houses where people spend most of their time. Have you ever wondered why?

The reason behind it is that the mattress and sofas are the most neglected areas when it comes to cleaning. Yet, they carry a considerable number of bacteria. People sit on the sofas, and their body parts (mainly their hands) come in contact with it.

Since it might seem absurd to always wash hands before touching the sofa and mattresses in the house, thus it is necessary to take alternative measures.

Sofas and mattresses are excellent breeding grounds for microbes, fungi, and mites. Therefore, everyone should be aware of the health problems caused by them.

We have gathered some tips to keep your sofa and mattress cleaner. Continue reading to find out!

Remove the Bed and Sofa Coverings

First of all, you need to start by dismantling the beddings and sofa coverings. You are supposed to remove the covering for the mattress, pillows, and the bed should be left with no shell.

For the sofa couch, you should remove all the cushions and eliminate any item that fell in unintentionally concerning their instructions.

Open up the Sofa and Mattress

In case you have a sofa bed, you need to unfold it and make it accessible.

For the mattresses, make sure that it is open enough for cleaning. However, the mattress/sofa should have nothing on them and be in a condition just like when they were bought.

Vacuum Your Sofa and Mattress

Once your mattress or sofa is free from any coverings and opened up, you need to vacuum them. Vacuuming is the most important step, and you should do it as often as possible.

If you find any stain, you should sponge it lightly using a cloth. Dip a cloth in soapy water, and the water should not be too hot. Cold water is better for preserving the fabric.

Too much water soaks the fabric. It would be best if you used only enough water to dampen the sofa and mattress. After this stain removal process, allow the bed and sofa to dry.

For the sofa bed, fold it to access the upholstered part easily. It would be best if you cleaned the mattress properly by turning both sides. Make sure that there are no isolated areas.

You need to remove dirt from the flat part of the sofa with the help of the brush attachment along with a vacuum cleaner. To remove crumbs and dust from the deep creases of the couch, insert the hose attachment of the vacuum.

Remove the Stains on Sofa and Mattress and Wrap up

If you have tough stains on your washable fabric sofa, use an upholstery shampoo.

On the contrary, if it is a non-washable fabric, use a dry-cleaning solvent. Blot out all the stains until they fade away by dampening a cloth or sponge with the solvent/shampoo.

When you leave your mattress and sofa to dry, you need to run a damp cloth over the non-upholstered part, like the wooden legs or metal frame. It helps to get rid of the dirt on the structure and let it dry with the help of a dry piece of cloth.

Disinfect Your Sofa and Mattress

When you are done cleaning the sofa or mattress entirely, you need to use a disinfecting solvent. Use a sponge to sanitize the bed or the couch for disinfection. It helps in killing any germ that is on the surface of the sofa or mattress.

Do not mix sanitizer with the solvent or shampoo since it weakens the strength in killing the germs. Ensure to do it at the end of the cleaning process, when the sofa is clean enough. In such a way, the sanitizer remains on the surface of the sofa or mattress and kills all the harmful bacteria.

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