Guide to Mastering Spotless Floor


A clean floor can be the difference between your house looking spotless or filthy. After all, this is the largest surface in your house and something that everyone has to look at. Sadly, keeping the floor clean is quite complicated, especially if your house has a lot of foot traffic.

With just a few small steps, it is possible for your floor to consistently stay clean. While we do discuss how to clean the floors here, our main focus is on how to ensure your floor stays clean. Towards the end, we will also touch on how to make sure your floor does not look scratched and dingy.

Have a Cleaning Schedule

The first thing that you need to make sure of is that you have a solid foundation. Make sure that you clean your floors regularly and properly.

If you have the time, then cleaning once a day works best. Since the floors are not that dirty in the first place, you do not need to spend a lot of time on them.

An alternative is to make use of professional house cleaning services. This way, you can avoid the hassle and will never have to worry about when to clean, which supplies to get, and how to make the time!

HomePlus cleaning has been operating in Boston, Woburn, and the greater Massachusetts area for over a decade in one way or the other. With numerous packages to choose from and a schedule that is tailored to your needs, you can have total control over how clean you want your house to be.

Start With the Shoes

Having everyone take their shoes off before they enter the house is the easiest way to keep your floor clean. While this may seem like a hassle at first, the advantages by far outweigh the negatives.

One thing you can do is to have a few pairs lying around near the door that are only to be used inside the house. This way, any guests that come in do not have to be massively inconvenienced.

If taking off your shoes is not feasible, make sure to at least have a high-quality doormat on each entrance to your house. While this will not be as effective as taking off your shoes, it will still trap a lot of the dirt. Business Insider has a comprehensive list of doormats that not only look good but are also perfect for keeping your floors clean.

Prefer Microfiber Cloths

Microfiber cloths are by far the most effective when it comes to getting all the dirt out.

A mop may work well if you are willing to change the bucket of water once every few minutes. However, you will simply be shuffling dirt around the house otherwise. While your house may look clean this way, it will begin to appear dirty much sooner.

Buy the Correct Vacuum

If you are using a vacuum cleaner, then make sure that you have the right one. While having an incorrect vacuum may still get the job done, you will be much better off with a vacuum that is hassle-free and works properly.

Just remember that if a vacuum is expensive, it doesn’t mean that it is right for you. Our guide for purchasing a vacuum should help you decide which one you should spring for.

Mop Properly

If you are going to mop, you should know how to do it properly. A common mistake that novice cleaners make is to dampen the mop every time they clean their floor.

Unless the floor is dirty enough to require a damp mop, you should use a dry mop instead. This is because the moisture can leak into the floor and damage it. And yes, this is also possible for floors that are sealed against moisture.

On a similar note, while you should not wet your mop every time you use it, you should slightly wet your dustpan. This will make sure that all the dust sticks to it, instead of falling off and being shuffled around the house.

Tips for a Floor That Looks Like It’s New

As time goes on, it is quite normal for a floor to wear out and look bad. Thankfully, there are ways for you to make it appear like it did when it was new again.

While floors with marble and other similar materials can maintain their appearance with regular cleaning, it is wooden floors that tend to suffer from wear and tear the most.

The easiest way to make your wooden floors appear new again is to use olive oil. Mix olive oil with vinegar and spray the floor with it. After that, simply use a microfiber cloth and rub the floor until it begins to shine once again.

Thankfully, you will not need to do this very often. As long as you are able to protect your floors from any deep scratches or scuffs, they can look great for months on end. If you have a lot of furniture that needs to be moved, then consider using furniture pads to protect the wood.