Top Tips to Reduce Paint Smell


Paints are the best method to keep your home shining. When you’re applying a new coat of paint on walls, the remaining fumes might be annoying. But opening windows and doors to let in fresh air is one of the simplest methods to remove the odor of new paint. Also, various home items organically absorb paint scents.

Minimize the general scent of paint fumes from the start of your job, so you don’t have to wait till you complete painting.

In this article, we will show you some top tips to reduce the paint smell in the house. Let’s get started.

Turn on Fans

Open windows are essential for any painting process, but fans will assist in moving fumes out of the space more quickly. Box fans should be placed in the center of the room, pointed toward windows if feasible, and in the entryway (since fans cause paint to dry quicker, finish your task first).

One thing to keep in mind: To keep fumes from spreading throughout your home, turn off the air conditioning or heating and close all air vents in the room.

Water and Lemons

Put a few cut lemons in a pail of water and keep it in the room when you paint. The water in the container will remove certain amounts of paint fumes, whereas the lemon will impart a clean, fresh aroma to the entire space. Leave the bucket in the freshly painted room overnight for optimal benefits, and you’ll wake up to a room with a fresh vibe the next morning.

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Essential Oils

To begin, it is critical to always utilize the purest essential oils to avoid the inorganic elements present in certain lower-grade oils. If you often use essential oils in your house, you might have some favorites that work well for eradicating the paint smell.

Place a few drops of essential oil on cotton balls and put them about the room on saucers. Within a few hours, the paint stink should fade, and your preferred aromas should fill the air.

Candles and Coffee Beans

Scented candles are an excellent way to eliminate paint odor. All you have to do is light the candle, and your house will be odor-free in a few hours. The good part is that aromatic candles come in a variety of tastes, so you may select your favorite.

Use coffee beans to modify the vibe of your freshly painted home. They not only absorb the strong odor and lessen the paint fumes, but they also provide a calming effect on the entire space.

Place Baking Soda Around the Room

Baking soda absorbs most of the smells in the refrigerator and laundry and can be used to absorb paint smells. Fill small dishes with the powder and scatter them throughout the room.

When you’re through painting, dump the baking soda down the sink or trash disposal to provide your plumbing with a fast cleanse.

Activated Charcoal

The very porous, absorbent material known as activated charcoal is ideal for absorbing smells from paint. And no, you can’t just crush up BBQ charcoal for this; activated charcoal has been pulverized and processed with high heat, making it purer and more secure than other charcoal items.

Use a big basin and fill it halfway with activated charcoal for this procedure. Put the bowl in the center of the painted room and leave it there overnight. The next day, you should notice that the paint smell has gone away.

Note: To avoid tough stains, avoid spilling the charcoal or getting it on upholstery or other materials.

Set Out More Bowls of Vinegar

You don’t need a whole bucket of vinegar to gain the odor-removing effects. Just pour white vinegar into dishes and scatter them about the area. Vinegar’s acetic acid neutralizes the molecules that transmit scents.

To get a quick result, use home white vinegar, which has 10% acetic acid, rather than culinary white vinegar, which contains 5% acetic acid.

Check the Weather Before Painting

Double-check the weather forecast before you start painting your house. Prevent days with heavy humidity. High humidity in the air delays the drying cycle, and paint has the greatest odor when it is being done and drying.

The more time it takes for soft items (carpet, draperies, upholstery) to dry, the more likely they may collect scents.

Choose Odorless Paint

Although this isn’t always possible, choosing a healthy alternative paint, such as one with low or zero VOCs, is the best method to prevent strong fumes.

If you have to apply oil-based paint or primer, look for low-odor options. Paints produced from minerals, milk, plants, or clay are also available.

Get Help from Professionals

You may use the same methods to eliminate other smells from your house once you’ve learned how to get rid of a paint smell. And if you have any additional concerns, simply contact HomePlus home cleaners in Somerville, MA, and our professionals will be at your door in very little time.

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