How to Clean Curtains and Drapes


While cleaning, we mostly give special attention to the most visible areas of your home. We want our walls to be stain-free, our kitchen components to look new, and any clutter removed. Yet, most people often overlook an important detail: the curtains. They’re in practically every room, and they’re a lovely addition to the overall decor.

Curtains need to be cleaned more frequently than blinds. It’s similar to the difference between carpet and hardwood floors. Curtains absorb dust and odors into their fabric and folds, so they should be vacuumed and laundered regularly.

Choose a day with good weather to allow yourself some fresh and follow our guide on how to clean curtains and drapes.

How to Clean Curtains at Home

You can have all the tools you need to create perfect curtains in your home. Still, picking which method to use can be difficult, as choosing the wrong one can cause more harm than good.

Not all curtains have the same features. Before attempting to dry clean your curtains, read any care tags to see if they’re washable or must be dry cleaned, or you may end up having to buy new ones.

Here are the two approaches you can take to clean your curtains.

Use the Washing Machine

This is perhaps the straightforward method you can use. It will save you time and won’t take up much of your energy.

All you have to do is just remove the curtains from the rod and place them in the washing machine. Just remember only to wash 1 or 2 panels at a time to avoid overloading the washer. A standard laundry detergent should suffice.

This procedure, however, only works for lightweight curtains (like voile or organza), not for thick fabrics that absorb a lot of water. This is why you should always check the label before washing your curtains.

Hand Wash

When it comes to delicate curtains,handwashing is the way to go. Fill your tub or sink with lukewarm or cool water and add a small amount of mild liquid dish detergent. Make sure you check the label to add a suitable amount of detergent. Swish the curtain lightly, but do not twist or wring it. Finally, let the curtain air dry.

HomePlus wash and fold laundry services in Boston has commercial washing machines with much more cleaning power than the washing machines found in your home. We make life easier for you by providing a much more thorough cleaning for your curtains.

How Often Should You Clean Your Curtains?

You might believe they don’t require regular upkeep, given how rarely you interact with them. However, curtains are subjected to sunshine, dust, scents, and a variety of other things that harm their appearance. Therefore, they must be washed. Do it once every three months, and that would do the job!

If you or someone in your household is allergic to dust, you should wash your clothes once every 1 to 1.5 months. Doing so will help avoid severe allergic reactions caused by dust exposure.

How to Clean Curtains Without Removing Them?

If you don’t want to go through the trouble of taking your curtains down, washing them, and putting them back, there are a few additional options.


When all you’re dealing with is dust, use your vacuum. You’ll need a lightweight vacuum with a long attachment that you can maneuver around.

If the tops of the curtains are still out of reach, use a step ladder. You can use a soft brush to remove obstinate dust. Repeat the technique whenever you notice the accumulating. This will keep dust at bay.

Steam Cleaning

Curtains made of weighty materials should be cleaned with steam. The method is straightforward. Begin from the very top and work your way down. Just keep an eye on whether the curtain is getting wet or not. If this is the case, move your cleaner away from the surface. Wear protective clothing as well because steam might burn your skin.

Get a Professional for Unrivalled Cleaning and Keeping Your Curtains Spotless

Curtains are an essential aspect you must keep in mind when dealing with house chores. While knowing how to deal with them yourself can be beneficial, having a professional do the job is a far better strategy.

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