Commercial Kitchen Cleaning Services


The kitchen is by far the most important part of your house when it comes to cleaning. After all, this is where your food is prepared. Not surprisingly, an unclean kitchen can lead to a wide variety of infections and diseases.

Despite this, most people do not understand the importance of cleaning their appliances. Sure, you can mop the floors and sanitize the counters, but the appliances are used in cooking your food directly, and cleaning them should take priority over everything else.

As such, we have prepared a handy guide that should help you clean most of your kitchen appliances properly and safely. Let’s begin with the microwave.

How to Clean Your Microwave

We recommend that you mix dish soap in warm water. Keep on mixing more soap until you can see suds. Then, use a microfiber cloth to clean the exterior and a damp paper towel to clean the interiors. Just remember to make sure that the vents or fans do not come into contact with the dish soap.

Once you are finished, you need to wipe all surfaces with damp paper towels as there will be unbaked dirt as well as dish soap residue.

While this is the method that we recommend, there are many other ways of cleaning your microwave too. For example, some people soak wet paper towels and run the microwave for five minutes to loosen the grime. Then, those same towels can be used to wipe the microwave. Take a look at various ways of cleaning your microwave and choose the one that works for you best.

How to Clean Your Dishwasher

For your dishwasher, you will need vinegar and baking soda along with dish soap. Here is a step by step guide on how you can clean your dishwasher with ease:

  1. Soak cleaning cloths in dish soap and wipe the plastic surfaces of your dishwasher. Once finished, wipe it down with a dry cloth.
  2. If your dishwasher has a stainless-steel surface, use a solution of vinegar and water instead.
  3. Clean the screen that catches food items. It is best to soak it in hot, soapy water for at least 10 minutes and then clean it using a scrub brush and hot water.
  4. Clean the spray arms next. The easiest and fastest way of cleaning the spray arms is by using a paper clip to unclog any debris that may be covering them.
  5. Clean the inside of your dishwasher. The best way to do it is by running a dishwashing cycle with just some vinegar at the bottom.
  6. Lastly, clean any remaining stains using a damp cloth dabbed in baking soda.

How to Clean Your Coffee Maker

Vinegar is once again your best friend when it comes to cleaning your coffee maker. Run a cycle in the maker without any coffee, instead using one-part water and one-part white vinegar.

The trick here is to run half a cycle and then wait for around 30-minutes or so before completing the cycle.

Once you are done, you will need to use baking soda, just like you did with your dishwasher, to clean the remaining coffee stains. Also, make sure that you run a few cycles with water after cleaning the coffee maker so that the vinegar can leave the appliance.

How to Clean Your Blender

You can use dish soap to clean your blender. The jar should be submerged in hot water mixed with dish soap. After that, you can wipe the base with a damp cloth. If you find that there is a lot of residue that refuses to come off, wrap the base in a cloth soaked with hot water for a few minutes to loosen the grime first.

How to Clean Your Toaster

If your toaster has a crumb tray, remove that and clean it first. Then, take your toaster to the trash can and shake it until all the crumbs fall off.

After that, clean the toaster itself. You can use dish soap to clean the exterior. As you may have guessed, there is no reason to clean the interior any further as you will risk damaging the toaster.

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