Top Tips to Keep Your House Clean


On this blog, we have time and time again mentioned how to clean a dirty home. However, no matter how many tips we give you, the fact is that cleaning your home is a tedious and burdensome task. Won’t it be much better if your house never got dirty in the first place?

While that is a dream that cannot be accomplished (at least with the technology we have right now), there are numerous small steps you can take that will lessen the load when cleaning day arrives. It may even mean that your house can survive a few more days before requiring a clean, reducing the overall time you spend cleaning by a significant margin.

Here, we have outlined a few things you can do that will prevent your house from becoming dirty. These things will not take more than a few minutes each and will make cleaning your home significantly easier. What’s more, they will help you build cleaning habits that will eventually lead to a spotless home!

Clean the Fridge Before You Shop for Groceries

When you are going out for groceries, it is best to clean your fridge. First of all, since you will already be out of groceries, there will be significantly fewer items in the fridge for you to remove before you can clean it.

Secondly, you will be able to see exactly what you are missing and what it is that you need to purchase on your trip to the store.

Clean the Sink/Mop the Kitchen Floor When You do the Dishes

Thankfully, there is no need for you to do the dishes yourself anymore. All you need is a dishwasher. However, the dishwasher will require a little bit of time before it fully cleans the dishes.

During this time, you can easily clean your sink. Once you move your dishes from the sink to the washer, go about the process. Chances are that by the time your dishwasher is finished, so will you.

Another thing you can do is to mop the kitchen floor. While cleaning your floors properly will require a bit more effort, a few minutes each evening can go a long way towards making your floor look squeaky clean.

Clean an Appliance After Dinner

Once you are done with dinner, you do not have a lot of things left to do in your day. As such, you can spare a few minutes and clean any appliance in your kitchen before you move on to the dishes.

We have a guide that should be enough for most kitchen appliances. Follow that guide and clean one appliance every night. This will prevent you from having to spend a lot of time cleaning each of them on a specific day.

Clean the Bathroom Mirror Once a Week

We have a detailed and handy guide on how to clean your bathroom. However, you can make the task much easier by making sure that you do not have to focus on cleaning the mirror when going about your bathroom clean.

Once a week, you should clean your bathroom mirror. You can do this in the morning, as the cleaning itself will not take you more than a few minutes. However, having a clean mirror will also have numerous other benefits, such as being able to spot and fix any imperfections on your face before you head out to work.

Clean While You Clean

While this is not a tip that will help keep your house clean, it can still help you save a lot of time.

Thankfully, many of our cleaning processes have been automated due to technology. You no longer need to do your laundry manually, and then hang the clothes out to dry. A washer/dryer can do that for you.

So, while you are doing the laundry, you should go clean something else rather than sit about twaddling your thumbs. This will allow you to be done with house cleaning much earlier and allow you to focus on more important things for the remainder of the day.

When Cleaning Day Finally Arrives, Delegate!

Sadly, no matter how hard you try to prevent your home from becoming dirty, it will eventually require a cleaning.

While you can waste a good part of your Saturday cleaning, won’t it be much better if you hired someone to take care of it for you? Think of all that you could accomplish if you had professional cleaners willing to clean your home for you? What’s more, a professional will be able to do a much better job at cleaning due to having the technical expertise as well as the proper tools.

We here at HomePlus Cleaning are professional house cleaners in Boston, MA, and its surrounding areas. Without cleaning services, you only need to hire us once and let us know the frequency at which you would like us to clean your home. After that, you can take a hands-off approach as we will always be there at the designated time to make sure that your floors are spotless, your furniture is sparkling, and your bathroom is as clean as it was before its first use. Book an appointment now in 60 seconds!