10 Tips for a Cleaner and More Efficient Laundry Day


Laundry is one of those monotonous, repetitive activities that everyone has to do but no one loves. It is something that many of us do daily.

Even if you’ve been washing laundry for years, you’ll notice that the outcomes aren’t always flawless. So, how can you achieve a good outcome every time you go to your laundry room for a washing routine?

This post will provide you with 10 tips for a cleaner and more efficient laundry day. Let’s get started!

1. Select the Right Water Temperature

The key to achieving effectiveness is choosing the appropriate water temperature for every single washing load.

Cold water is ideal for fragile textiles, objects that may shrink, and dark colors that bleed easily. Cold water also helps you save money by lowering your utility bills.

Warm water is suitable for cleaning moderately stained garments and man-made materials. Bed Sheets and towels, cotton whites, and badly soiled work items, particularly those with oil or grease stains, should be washed in hot water.

2. Clean Your Machine

The washing machine should be cleaned regularly. Set your washer to the biggest load and highest water temperature every couple of months. Allow the washer to shake for a minute after adding a quart of white vinegar and a cup of baking soda.

Then, open the cover or halt the cycle and set it aside for an hour. To eliminate buildup, use a toothbrush to scrub any areas, such as the lid. After an hour, let the cycle finish, and then run a second hot cycle to eliminate any residue.

Your machine is clean and ready to take a new load!

3. Choose Detergents Wisely

There are various instructions available online for producing your own DIY laundry detergent, and they might help you save money.

However, store-bought cleaners are always an option and should be chosen with caution. Pick a good detergent with powerful cleaning and stain-fighting components, such as OxiClean or bleach, if you have children and need to tackle difficult stains.

For people with sensitive skin or aroma issues, seek an unscented, dye-free product.

4. Consistency

The most crucial recommendation for improving your washing routine is to remain consistent!

You’ll constantly feel like you need to move a mountain if you let your laundry basket bulge out every time. You simply don’t know where to begin. It is beneficial to have a regular washing day. It may appear archaic, yet it gives structure to your home.

HomePlus can assist you in getting this set up as soon as possible! Choose between having your dirty clothing picked up and delivered every week or once a month. Hire HomePlus house cleaning services in Massachusetts to assist you if you need any help.

5. Avoid Bleeding Colors

Nobody likes pink underwear or a tie-dyed look on a white shirt.

In simple terms, always organize your garments appropriately to avoid color spilling onto your favorite white shirt. Soak a cotton swab and rub it onto an inner edge or seam to see whether the dye passes to the swab before washing anything to test if it is colorfast.

If this is the case, hand wash the item individually to avoid any laundry mishaps.

6. Catch Stains Quickly

The key to good stain removal is rapid action.

As quickly as possible after stains appear, rinse or soak the clothing in cold water, use a stain cleaner, and place it in the washing machine.

If somehow the stain remains, avoid putting the clothing in the dryer. Rewash after using a stain remover. Use the appropriate stain removal approach for each kind of stain.

7. Use Less Detergent

Using too much detergent is one of the most common laundry blunders. When you use too much detergent, the suds collect filth and allow it to redeposit on your clothes.

Consider using half the suggested quantity and see whether you are satisfied with the results. You’ll save cash, and your clothing will look nicer.

If you own a front-load machine that smells bad, using less detergent may be the solution.

8. Add Socks to a Small Laundry Bag

You run your washing machine and see that you got fewer socks out than you put in.

Most individuals have encountered the sock enigma at least once. What happened to the other sock?! They often hide under trouser legs or bed linens. Other times, your washing machine consumes them.

Wash the socks in a tiny mesh washing bag as a solution. It also works amazingly well for washing sneakers or other types of shoes.

9. Clean the Dryer’s Lint Trap

The lint trap does more than simply keep lint and fuzz off your garments. It prevents lint from passing through the dryer line and out the vent.

Debris accumulates over time, and your dryer will struggle to expel all of the damp hot air.

If the damp air is not removed, the dryer will take significantly longer to dry your garments.

10. Fold While Items are Still Warm

If you fold all the clothes while they are still warm, you will prevent the need to iron them.

Dress shirts, dresses, blouses, and pants look best when hanging while still warm.

Hire a Cleaning Service

All these tips work wonders but hiring a cleaning service is always the most efficient option. In case you want help from HomePlus house cleaning services in Massachusetts, we are a call away from delivering you the best services.

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