Top Ways to Reduce Dust in Your Home


Dust in the house is something that always returns no matter how frequently you clean. This is because many of our regular activities bring dust within, while other things we do in our houses contribute to the dust in the air. Dust is composed of various particles, such as dead skin cells, cloth fibers, paper, and plant pollen, to mention a few.

Many allergy sufferers report that their symptoms increase in dusty environments. As a result, keeping dust under control in your house is critical for the comfort of your family and guests.

This article will show you the top ways to reduce dust in your home. Let’s get started.

Wear House-Only Shoes

Folks cleaning their feet before entering the house with sturdy mats at each entry helps a lot. Even if you do not remove your shoes inside, this technique alone will considerably minimize the quantity of dust tracked in. You’ll notice a significant reduction in the dust if you shake the mats outside or vacuum clean them every few days.

However, it would help if you used house shoes inside the house to reduce dust, and having a boot tray at your door also helps family members know where to put their shoes once they take them off. Also, it will collect any drips or dirt so that the filth does not end up on your floor. You may also have a little basket of slippers nearby so that no one has chilly feet.

Clean Air Ducts and Filters

If you have children or pets, you’re likely to find quite a few items in the vents. Cleaning your home’s air ducts will result in less dust flying about. Remember to clean the dirty floor registers and wall vent covers as well.

With an ineffective filter, dust in your HVAC system will continue to circulate throughout your house. Filters must be updated regularly. You should anticipate a 1 or 2″ filter to perform normally for up to three months. Check the advice on the filter package when you buy it for the best results.

Clean All Surfaces

One of the most effective methods to eliminate dust in the home is to brush it away. For dusting, utilize microfiber towels or microfiber cleaning products since microfiber’s specific composition makes it the ideal material for eliminating small dust particles.

Moreover, pay attention to cleaning typically ignored locations that might accumulate dust or cobwebs, such as blinds, baseboards, room corners, closet floors, the gaps between headboards and walls, lampshades, and so on. To get rid of dust, you would most likely clean the entire house. You could contact HomePlus house cleaners in Groton, MA, to clean your house and make it dust-free.

Vacuum the Floors

When you have to clean, don’t make things more difficult. A HEPA or high-efficiency particle air filter in a hoover will safely collect dust as well as other allergens inside the equipment and prevent them from being discharged back into the air.

If you have wooden floors, you must sweep them as frequently as possible. Dust is evident on hardwood floors and can be tracked throughout your home. Try to dust your floors at the end of every single day and clean them with a wet mop at least 2 times a week, depending on the free time you may have.

Clean Your Pets Daily

Outside pets, particularly dogs, track pollen and dirt into the home. Wiping their paws as they come in is an important step, but you should also bathe or groom your dog regularly. Brush your cat regularly to prevent the spread of dander and fur.

Even if you don’t allow your pets to sit on the furniture, each time they shake, roll about on the floor or play indoors, they can distribute dirt and dead skin, which leads to dust. Bathing or grooming regularly will eliminate the substances that cause dust and assist in avoiding accumulation in your house.

Use Microfiber Cloths or Vacuum Brushes to Dust

Feather dusters are adorable, but they are ineffective at cleaning dust since it simply falls out of the feathers as you move around the room. Swiffer dusters aren’t much better. They’re handy, but they don’t capture dust like the commercial suggests.

To wipe hard surfaces, use a moist microfiber cloth and often rinse it. Use the soft-bristled brush attachment on your hoover to clean soft surfaces.

Clean Bed Sheets

One week’s worth of laundry for pillowcases and sheets may seem excessive to some individuals. While you sleep though, you slough off skin, hair, and body fluids. This suggests that the bed you sleep on isn’t as clean as you imagine.

Also, if you’re wondering how to avoid dust mites in your house, make sure you wash your bed linens at least once every seven days.

Hire the Cleaning Service

The above tips will help you to reduce dust in your home, but you cannot get rid of it fully. However, if you want better results, hire HomePlus house cleaning services in Groton, MA. Our cleaners will do all cleaning tasks for you with special tools and eco-friendly solutions.

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