Guide to Cleaning Light Fixtures


Did you ever step into a bedroom and turn on the lights, just to be met by a dull glow rather than the strong, pleasant radiance you desired? Across many situations, this indicates that your lighting fixtures require a thorough cleaning!

Lighting fixtures are notorious for collecting dust, filth, and debris, as well as dead bugs. However, many people fail to clean these critical areas regularly. Cleaning your lighting fittings might be daunting.

Cleaning these out-of-the-way locations is simpler than you realize once you’ve begun! Yet it may have a significant influence on your home.

This post will go through how to clean light fixtures in your home. Let’s start!

Take Some Safety Steps

Cleaning light fixtures is important as well as dangerous work too. But if you do not want to do it by yourself, then hire HomePlus house cleaning services in Somerville, MA, to clean the light fixtures in your home.

For your safety, we will discuss some guidelines that you have to take before cleaning light fixtures:

  • For starters, always switch off or unplug a fixture before attempting to clean it. As an added precaution, if you’re undertaking a thorough cleaning all day, you should switch off your circuit breaker at its source.
  • Next, always wait for light bulbs to cool before touching them; bulbs are hot.
  • Finally, if you’re spraying chemicals or working with dust, you should wear goggles to protect your eyes from discomfort.

Now that we’ve addressed safety let’s move on to the cleaning tools and procedure.

Gather the Right Materials

Before you begin cleaning, make sure you have the proper tools. A microfiber towel is the most basic tool you’ll need. You should never use a terry cloth towel since it will harm the fixture’s surfaces.

Apart from a microfiber towel, you will need the following necessary supplies and tools:

  • A gentle, glass-safe detergent or cleaner
  • Hot water
  • Vacuum for fabric, rattan, and beaded lamp shades

Now, if you got these things, let’s use them to clean.

Light Fixtures Cleaning

Light bulbs can accumulate a thin layer of dust and filth over time, causing them to shine less brightly. They should be cleaned by carefully removing them from their sockets and wiping them out with a clean, soft cloth.

To help collect extra dust, we nearly always suggest using microfiber towels.

Remove the light fixtures from the ceiling, lamp, and so on. The first step will be to wipe the dirt particles from the light fixture. Then, using a microfiber cloth, dust the interior and exterior. This is everything that is required.

However, the fixtures will have to be cleaned twice per year. A basin filled with hot water and a couple of drops of basic dish detergent is generally all that is required to clean glass light fixtures. Allow a few minutes for them to soak before washing them off and rinsing. Wipe them dry using a dry cloth.

Be Careful with Water Solutions

Most light fixtures can be wiped with microfiber, and if it hasn’t been cleaned in a long period, then you may want some assistance. If you just need a cleaning solution, combine a gentle cleanser, such as dish soap, with hot water.

It is critical to remember that you should not use water or cleaning products near electronic parts or connections. It should only be used to clean fixture heads that have come loose from the fixture.

Recessed Lighting

Recessed lighting is easiest to clean by dusting within the aperture after the light has been turned off for a minimum of one hour.

To thoroughly clean, remove the bulb and clean the inside of the recessed region with a moist cloth. Reinstall the bulb after cleaning it.

Outdoor Lighting Fixtures

In most situations, you may clean your exterior light fixtures just like you would an inside set. Nevertheless, outdoor lighting fixtures may require a bit more effort. Consider all of the environmental conditions that may cause extra dirt to accumulate on your glass fixtures over time!

With that stated, if you have a removable exterior fixture, like a dome light, you should be able to remove it from the ceiling or wall and wash it with warm water and dish detergent.

In addition, you may add a little glitter to glass fixtures that are pretty tough (or impossible) to remove immediately by washing down the glass panes using your preferred cleaning agent. Ensure to use a clean, dry towel to carefully wash down the bulb directly.

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Hire the Cleaning Service

Hiring a cleaning service is always the best choice if you need professional help. You can hire the experts of HomePlus house cleaning services in Somerville, MA to remove the burden of cleaning your light fixtures yourself.

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