Tips to Creating an Immaculate Home


Murphy’s law states that “anything that can get wrong will probably do so.” This certainly holds for instances when someone announces a surprise visit, right when you couldn’t keep up with your maintenance cleaning. It doesn’t matter whether you were too busy to clean or you were just procrastinating.

You can either address the need of the house by putting together your home in crunch-time before the guests arrive or leave a bad impression!

There are some hacks that can trick your guests into thinking that your home is cleaner it is. While these tricks won’t replace dusting the living room or deep-cleaning the bathroom, they will help clean your home in a shorter time.

Here are some ways in which you can make your house appear cleaner than it is in a rush!

1. Organize Your Entryway

This will leave a good first impression. You don’t want your guests tripping over shoes when they walk in; either hide them in a closet or keep a shoe rack for them to keep your footwear organized in a rush.

2. Take Care of the Bathroom

Nothing is more disgusting than a restroom that hasn’t been cleaned at someone else’s house. Before somebody arrives, make sure it’s clean, even if it simply involves putting bleach in the toilet, cleaning the sink, and wiping off the mirror. Even if there are a few dusty patches, a clean bathroom indicates that you got things under control.

You could also swap your fabric bathmat with a wooden mat that leaves no sign of wear and give your bathroom a spa-like feel.

3. Make Your Home Smell Clean   

Adding a nice scent can also fake clean a home. Greeting your guests with a soothing, fresh scent boosts your hospitality points and makes your place seem more inviting, serene, and clean.

Invest in an essential oil diffuser. Turn on the diffuser at least 30 minutes before the arrival of the guests. The purest smelling essentials are lemon, tea tree, or eucalyptus.

Adding a plant or bouquet of fresh flowers is another easy way to make any room feel well kept. Some plants not only make the space look tidy but also purify the air.

Flowers can improve the appearance of a room. In addition, floral scents will fill your room with a pleasing aroma.

4. Remove Clutter

If you don’t have time to get rid of the clutter, putting some sense to it can prove to be helpful. Stack objects by size, and if they can’t be organized in the basket, place them behind a closed door and sort it later. If you have spare time, sort your belongings into baskets by room so that they can be stored in their proper location later.

To make your kitchen and bathroom counter appear cleaner, add a shallow tray to hold bottles in the bathroom or spices, sauces, and culinary implements in the kitchen.

5. Dust Strategically

Prioritize surfaces that the guests are likely to see, for instance, televisions, toilets, tabletops, and fireplaces. Dust accumulates on these types of surfaces, making it obvious that your house isn’t as pristine as you’re trying to believe.

6. Go Over the Floors

Even if you physically run around the place, the fastest vacuum you’ve ever done will make the place feel so much cleaner. Don’t you have time to vacuum? A roll of slightly moist kitchen paper pushed around with your feet will collect a lot of dust.

7. Make Your Couch Look Attractive

All that effort towards maintaining a freshly cleaned floor, dusting the shelves, and washing the toilet will go to waste if the guests notice a pillow crumbled in the corners of the couch and a blanket hanging from the ceiling.

Spend five minutes puffing up the pillows, gently putting a throw blanket over the couch’s arm, and tidying up the coffee table to give the impression of a neat and orderly environment.

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8. Take Care of the Dishes

If you have dishes that need to go into the dishwasher, loading them will make your kitchen look instantly tidier. Stacking your dishes by size, in case you don’t have a dishwasher. This will give them an organized appearance.

You can also hide the grim dishes in the oven until the guests have left. This will allow them to soak before being washed. Just remember to remove them before turning on the oven.

Hire a Professional Cleaner to Speed Clean Your House

If you want your home to be properly cleaned, you’ll probably need to get down and dirty with the best cleaning gear and proper cleaning routine. If your busy schedule is preventing you from giving enough time or you just don’t like doing cleaning chores, you always have the option of going to a house cleaning service like HomePlus to make your life easier!

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