Easily Make Your Home Smell Nice


Making your home smell nice can be difficult, especially if you have a lot of people in your home (and even more especially if some of them are children). While spraying air freshener endlessly until the bottle runs out is an option, it isn’t the only one that is available to you.

You can take numerous small steps that will help make your home smell nicer and fresher. These have everything to do with the cleaning of your home, the carpets, and the scents that you can use to dissipate bad odors. We will begin by looking at the most fundamental part of making sure a home smells nice: The cleaning.

Make Sure Your House Is Clean

This is the first thing you need to do. A dirty home is bound to smell, it is just common sense. You should be regularly cleaning your home anyways, as it is hygienic and better for the health of the inhabitants.

You may be wondering that cleaning your home usually leads to your house smelling of the cleaning products. That is true, but that smell does not linger for long. If you can keep a window open, the smell will be gone in less than half an hour usually.

If you are still adamant about not wanting the smells of cleaning products in your home, you may want to try green cleaning products instead.

Preferably Use a Professional Cleaning Service

If you don’t have the time to clean (or even if you do), a professional house cleaning service can take care of the job for you. HomePlus Cleaning is one of the best home cleaning services in Boston, based on price as well as the quality of the cleaning.

With tools that only professionals can purchase, we can do a much better job of cleaning your home than you can. What’s more, you can subscribe to HomePlus and set a time for us, and we will be back on a bi-weekly basis without any additional input.

We offer various plans depending on your needs. Whether you want to deep clean your home because you are just moving in, or you need us to keep the odors away, we can help you! Our booking process is very easy, and it takes less than 60 seconds. Book an appointment now by clicking here.

Utilize Fresh Air

Unless it’s too cold, it is best to have some time inside your home when the windows are open. This will allow the fresh air to come in and have a huge impact on the way your home smells.

Just like opening the windows can be used to dissipate the odors of cleaning products, it can also eliminate other odors. On top of that, letting a little bit of sunshine in cannot possibly be bad for anyone inside.

Make Use of Flowers

A lot of air fresheners advertise flowery scents, and that is for a reason. Flowers smell really nice and can brighten up your home considerably.

However, having fresh flowers in your home will make your home smell nicer and look nicer at the same time. As long as you know how to properly decorate your home with flowers, you and everybody else inside your home will be much better off!

Consider Using Scented Candles

If flowers are too difficult to come by, then scented candles will be able to do the job for you. While they will produce fumes, they will be minor in comparison to the scent that they will produce. Just remember to keep the candles in a place that is inaccessible by small children, as that situation can be very hazardous.

Another advantage of having scented candles nearby is that they can be used to set the perfect mood for certain occasions e.g. a dinner date with your significant other.

Use a Carpet Freshener

Carpets are one of the main reasons for bad odors in your home. This is because while everyone understands the need to clean their carpet, few are able to do it. Carpets are very difficult to remove and reinstall, as any furniture on top must be removed first. On top of that, cleaning carpets is an arduous process.

The best-case scenario is to have a cleaning service such as HomePlus Cleaning regularly clean your carpets. However, if you don’t want to do that, carpet fresheners are a decent alternative. Make sure to use a good carpet freshener for a smell that is long-lasting.


Following all of the aforementioned steps should be enough to keep your home smelling nice and comfortable for both the residents and any guests that may come. It goes without saying that you should try to remove any objects that cause the odors in the first place, such as stray pieces of dirty laundry.

As long as you get your home cleaned regularly, make use of the fresh air outside by opening your windows, and use the correct scents, your home will never smell again!