Debunking Common Cleaning Myths with HomePlus Cleaning


It requires tremendous effort when it comes to cleaning. People love a nice clean place, but not everyone can do it the right way. And there is nothing worse than cleaning things the wrong way.

There are several misconceptions about cleaning that do not work in real life. These myths are usually about the method or products used during regular home cleanings.

Most of these cleaning myths had evolved from the past when there used to be no advanced resources available for people toc onsult to. But in this modern era, we must be aware of the practices we follow in cleaning up our place and know what can bring more harm while cleaning.

So, let’s take a look at a few cleaning myths that can undoubtedly help keep your place tidy and germ-free.

Myth- Bleach Is the Ultimate Solution to Cleaning

Reality-Sorry to blow up your cleaning bubble. Many people associate bleach as a pure cleaning product, but that is not the case. Bleach can undoubtedly whiten the spots, disinfect, and sterilize the germs, but it does not wipe the dirt and grime from the surface. So, if you want to make your shirt white or wash the bacteria from the green chicken in your sink, then bleach is your go-to product.

Solution– Suppose you are trying to remove grit from your bathtub. In that case, you will need a better cleaning product, preferably something with a particular texture, like baking soda which tends to loosen up dirt particles. Our professional house cleaning services in Boston and the greater Massachusetts area make use of such products quite efficiently.

Myth- Using an Air Freshener Aids in Providing a Clean Environment

Reality– Most people think that if it smells clean, it must be clean. But, this is not always the case. An air freshener only stains the odor by perfuming it rather than cleaning the actual thing that caused that odor. By doing so, the odor returns after the perfume particles fade away.

Solution– The most effective and natural method recommended is to use an air purifier or open your windows to let in the fresh air instead of hiding the odor.

Myth- Newspapers Give the Glass a Streak-Free Shine

Reality– Years ago, this method would have been effective, but this is one of those cleaning myths that has changed over time. And the material and the paper that newspapers are made of now are not strong enough to withstand complete glass cleaning. Moreover, the ink used is different and can leave residue on the glass.

Solution– Using a good microfiber cloth will do the job well. As the microfiber cloth does not leave behind lint or scratch surfaces, making them ideal for cleaning delicate surfaces like glass or mirrors. Because they absorb more liquid and dirt than standard cleaning cloths, they also give you a streak-free shine.

Myth- Hairspray Removes Ink Marks

Reality- Most inks contain a mixture of pigments, solvents, and lubricants that causes trouble to blot your stain. Permanent and ballpoint pen ink are oil-based inks. Hairsprays used to contain alcohol, which was the secret ingredient that made those stubborn ink stains wipe away. However, over the years, hair sprays manufacturers have decreased the amount or completely removed the alcohol from hairspray because it can dry out or damage hair.

Solution– Since alcohol is the crucial element in breaking up the ink stain, we recommend using plain rubbing alcohol on stains.

Myth- Our Dishwasher Cleans Itself

Reality- Let’s face the fact that nothing in the kitchen cleans itself, including the dishwasher. Dishwashers retain food bits and other particles attached to the utensils. If not properly washed and maintained regularly, it causes grease or lubricant production.

Solution– Certain strong detergents help clean the dishwasher itself, but that all depends on the detergent’s chemical formulation. Moreover, professional manufacturers should service the dishwashers to maintain cleanliness.

Myth- Feather Dusters Remove Dust

Reason– While long traditional feather dusters are the best way to get rid of daily dust in your home. Still, they are actually “just dusting and not damping.” They scatter the tiny fluffs of feathers, move the dust from one place, and spread it all around, seeming like the dust is gone.

Solution– We prefer reusable damp cloths or a microfiber duster for removing the accumulated dust with a vacuum or by wet-cleaning with a dusting material.

Do You Want to Give Up on These Traditional Cleaning Practices? 

If you are in for cleanliness in a real sense and want to adopt professional cleaning services, then you are at the right place!

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