What to Cover When Cleaning Your Home in an Emergency


Many of us face an emergency house cleaning situation at some point in our lives. A friend can visit your home or perhaps a distant relative, and no one wants to see a messy house, which gives away a bad impression.

A comprehensive house cleaning is awesome if you have a lot of time on your hand. However, we skip our planned cleaning schedule from time to time and can be left with little than an hour to clean our house.

When you are in a rush and time is short, fight the urge to cancel or make an excuse to avoid cleaning. It’s easy to become disoriented when cleaning under duress. Don’t waste your time attempting to make everything seem flawless; instead, strive for a clean and organized look.

In this article, there are a few pointers to help you get through cleaning your home in an emergency.

Where to Start?

Although it may be tempting to postpone by grabbing a glass of wine and sitting down to play cards on the laptop for a couple of extra minutes before entering maid mode, this is not recommended.

It is advisable to begin handling the piles and heaps of clutter as soon as possible. A little delay can lead to further procrastination; eventually, nothing gets done.

However, suppose you are too busy yourself. In that case, HomePlus provides emergency house cleaning in Boston and several other states in the US.

If that’s not an option, then always begin where you anticipate passing the most time with your friends or relatives. Therefore, let’s start with the living room.

Living Room

Begin by quickly cleaning or brushing the floor of your living room. As you travel around the room, use your free hand to clear any items off the floor or to put everything back in its proper position.

After you’ve finished cleaning the floors, take a basket and chuck in everything that’s cluttering up the room. It could be your kids’ toys, newspapers, magazines, extra blankets, remote controls, etc.

If you find any food, dishes, or leftover snacks in the room, take them to the kitchen.

If possible, flip your couch cushions over for a few seconds. This quickly fluffs them up and gives them a fresher appearance. Give the floor another quick brush-up, and your living room is presentable now!


Next, move on to the kitchen because that’s where everyone gathers. Your task here is to clean the outer surfaces and cabinets.

Also, consider how quickly you can stash items. Toss everything that is garbage, and if there are any dishes left out, put them in the dishwasher or under the sink. Nobody is going to glance under the sink.

Make sure the kitchen is dry, and wipe down the cleared countertops before proceeding to the next room.

Dining Room

You could very well be having dinner with your guests, so move on to the dining room. It should take you little time to clean it.

Start by cleaning the table and sweep the floors with a brush or a vacuum cleaner. Put any unwanted items on the table into one of your bins for the time being.

Your first priority should be to make the place look nice. If feasible, change your seat covers with fresh ones, or leave them plain. Place a runner on the table and light a few candles.

The Toilet

Regarding your toilet, let any toilet cleaning gel sit for 10-15 seconds before wiping down the exterior. Then, softly clean and flush the inside. It is essential to eliminate the bathroom odor.

Make absolutely sure your visitors have access to at least two rolls of toilet tissue and a bottle of handwash.


Don’t overlook the first thing visitors will notice. If you live with something every day, it’s possible that it’s just part of the scenery for you.

When you first go in, there are bins in the corner with trash coming out and cobwebs hanging from the lamp fixture. Remove them.


If you’re going to be celebrating outside, keep any items that won’t be used (lawn mower, gardening boots, shovels) in your garage. Sweep away any leaves from your terrace and ensure your tables and chairs are clear and prepared for sitting.

If going outside is not on the itinerary, use the last few minutes to light a few candles, arrange some decorations, or set out platters of food.

Take Out the Trash

Unloading garbage cans is a major step in creating a cleaner and more welcoming environment.

Empty any recyclables, waste bins, mail, and debris that’s easy to throw. You’ll feel revitalized and prepared to challenge more time-consuming activities.

Bonus Tip: Use an air freshener spray to make the place feel refreshing.

Hire the Professionals

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