What Should Your Kid's Chore Charts Have


Put the kid’s task sheet on the fridge to remind Mom and Dad every day that you want to make their life simpler. You may use the pre-filled kids’ chore chart, which includes regular kid duties like putting away toys, feeding pets, and cleaning the room, or you can use the blank version to enter your home cleaning activities.

If allocating duties is new to your household, start with one and gradually expand your list. There is space to mark finished chores with a sticker or checkmark to show your parents how you’ve helped out.

So, in this post, you will understand what should be on your kid’s chore charts. Let’s get started.

How to Make a Chore Chart

Make a list of every job that is required to keep a family running. Allow children to choose the chores they want to undertake. Then, make a chart.

First, ensure that everyone is assigned an age-appropriate job. The chart should then be divided into three columns. One is for the chore list and whose duty it is; another is for deadlines, and the last is for checking off completed duties. Place the chart where everyone can see it and let everyone complete their tasks.

But first, show them how to complete the task step by step. Then, have your child assist you. When your kids have mastered it, he or she is ready to go solo.

Make it Collaborative

Children are not built for lonely labor. They’re made for having fun, collaborating, and being recognized. Instead of saying, ‘Please take out the rubbish,’ try saying, ‘Can you grasp one end of this sack?’ It’s pretty heavy!’ and starting a discussion about what may be within.

Parents should consider setting a brief amount of time during which everyone in the home works together on one activity. This type of participation prevents duties from becoming monotonous and isolated.

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Chore Chart for Kids Under 6

The chore chart divides age-appropriate responsibilities. For example, a chore chart for children under the age of six should include picking up toys from various rooms and storing them in a safe place, as well as tidying the room for themselves.

This does not mean that they can completely clean the room and should also request assistance with dusting and sweeping. Ask that they clean their teeth and comb their hair and instruct the children to follow the task chart.

Chore Chart for Kids 6-9

Although a passion for tasks may wane in school-aged children, they have other redeeming attributes that lend themselves nicely to duties. Most school-aged kids have a strong desire to be self-sufficient. Parents and caregivers may help children become self-sufficient in their duties by utilizing chore charts to document their obligations, which are as follows:

  • Taking care of plants or pets.
  • Cleaning and dusting their rooms on a regular basis.
  • Emptying the trash cans in their rooms.
  • Taking the dirty clothes to the laundry room.

Chore Chart for Kids 9-12

A fixed schedule and expectations will be appreciated by children of this age. Throw a lot of unexpected work at them and see how frustrated they become. You’ll have a smooth transition if you can design a timetable or method with little input from them.

It is better to develop a method that works for your family. Try not to modify it without the involvement and support of the individuals who will be affected directly. The chore chart includes the following:

  • Assisting with car washing.
  • Learning how to wash dishes or load a dishwasher.
  • Assisting in the preparation of basic meals.
  • Cleaning the bathroom’s easy items like sinks.
  • Helping out in raking leaves.
  • Using the washing machine and dryer.
  • Garbage collection and removal.
  • Walking the dog and completing pooper-scooper duty.

Chore Chart for Kids 13-18

As long as they are properly instructed, most teens are capable of managing practically any household duty. Teenagers’ hectic schedules are one issue to be aware of. Teenagers may struggle to keep up with an overwhelming workload.

Keep track of your teen’s schedule and school responsibilities, and alter activities and tasks as needed.

  • Changing light bulbs and cleaning light fixtures.
  • Bathroom cleaning, including toilets and showers.
  • Vacuuming, vacuum bag replacement, or canister emptying.
  • Laundry (their personal or the families).
  • Window cleaning.
  • Cleaning the fridge and other kitchen items.
  • Making grocery lists.
  • Sewing on lost buttons or repairing tiny rips in clothing.
  • Clothing ironing.
  • Mowing the yard and completely caring for pets (feeding, walking, grooming).
  • Table preparation and cleanup.

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