Top Tips for Pet Owners to Clean the House


One of the biggest challenges you come across while having a pet is keeping your home clean. If you’re a pet owner, you must have been in a similar situation! When it comes to owning a pet, it is delightful but not that easy.

If you keep a pet, no matter what effort you put, it feels like the pet’s hair and dander are spread all over your home. According to the CDC, if you share your home with a pet, the good news is that you’re probably happier and healthier than before. Whereas talking about the bad news, your house quite possibly is the reverse.

Cleaning up after furry pets sometimes feel like a full-time job, but you don’t have to worry. We’ve accumulated our top tried and tested tips to keep your pet-friendly home cleaner. Thus, If you can relate or your household is seemingly becoming a fur kingdom, read on to keep on top of your housework.

Use a Vacuum Cleaner

If you own a pet, you must look for an appropriate vacuum cleaner that aids in picking up pesky hair and banish odors. For pulling the hair out properly from the surface, you need an extra-strong suction, quality filter and good brush action.

Moreover, suppose your pet goes on the furniture. In that case, a good quality vacuum is a must-have on top of everything else.

You should also regularly clean out the vacuum filter since hair and dirt clogged filters will spread the smell of pet hair wherever you clean.

Use a Lint Roller

A lint roller is a hand-held device that removes lint or other small fibers from most materials such as clothing, upholstery, linen, etc. It is a must-get if you’re a pet owner. Meanwhile, it’s still important to have a vacuum cleaner for general maintenance on hand.

A good thing about the lint roller is that it is an affordable device. Moreover, it provides a quick way to pick up the fur for those spur-of-the-moment cleaning times, especially when you have to welcome unexpected guests.

Another benefit of using a lint roller is using it on surfaces right after using a vacuum cleaner. It would be helpful to pick up any leftover stray hair or dust that were roused but not sucked up.

Stop the Dirt Right at the Door

The key to keeping the house clean is to prepare for the dog walk!

Pets, especially cats or dogs, tend to track in ungodly amounts of mud when they come in the door after being outside. Therefore, before you head out, keep a towel or a spotless paw glove and a shallow container filled with water by your door. Upon your return, make sure there would be no paw prints by dipping your dog’s paws into the tray and then cleaning with the towel.

In this way mentioned above, you can wipe off your pet’s paws as soon as they enter the home. You could also place mats in front of your doors to wipe their paws. Moreover, you should also train your dog to wait outside until their paws are clean.

Clean Your Pet’s Essentials Regularly

Cleaning your pets’ collars and toys is a vital step and need a regular or at least periodic cleaning since all of the pets’ essentials get smelly pretty fast.

Firstly, you need to figure whether your pets’ essentials are machine-washable or not. If not, you can wash by hand in the sink. It would be best to leave this chore for a sunny day and allow them to dry under the sun. It would help kill bad odors.

If you are dealing with odor problems, it is obvious that your clothing can also start smelling the same. So it is wise to wash all of the clothing in the house during the cleaning process. It would not only help keep your home smelling better but ensures that you smell better as well while leaving the house.

If you want to adopt some more effective and deeper clean, put animal shampoo into a bowl with hot water. Then, let any collars and toys soak for at least thirty minutes. After it is done, rinse everything with cold water and let the items dry. Cleaning your pet toys and collars would help both your home and your pet stay clean and smell fresh.

Keep Smells at Bay

It can be challenging to eliminate pet-related odors. Still, it is entirely possible with a bit of effort and smelly strategic thinking. Persistent pet smells affect your brain and health. Therefore, you must pave ways to keep the smell at bay.

To quickly eliminate the smell, you must open your windows for ventilation and let some fresh air in. Even a ten-minute blast of fresh air works wonders at deodorizing.

Moreover, it would help if you used air fresheners and odor absorbers to avoid the smell.

Have You Figured Out Any Good Ways to Keep the House Clean While Having a Pet?

Those mentioned above are just a few of the countless tips for pet owners who want a clean home. Suppose you want to have a clean enough home that you are ready to welcome unexpected guests anytime while having a pet. We are right here to help you by providing excellent house cleaning services in Nashua, NH.****

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