Top 5 Tips to Keep Office Clean


The first impression matters a lot, especially in the world of business. A pristine office will create a positive image in the minds of clients about your organization. You won’t have to feel embarrassed when a government official or a potential client pays a visit.

A tidy, presentable office demonstrates a company’s positive attitude and professionalism. Therefore, it’s essential to maintain your workplace in a clean, sanitary, and safe condition.

Keeping a clean office will also keep your employees healthy and happy. It will keep germs at bay and prevent pests from damaging the environment and furniture. Your staff will be safe from developing allergic reactions caused by dust and mold accumulation. A cluttered office lowers staff productivity, mood, and performance.

Follow these five easy-to-implement workplace cleaning tips to ensure a hygienic environment for your office.

1. Maintain a Clutter-Free, Clean Desk

A decluttered desk is like having decluttered mind. Having a tidy space impacts how you manage your workload and helps you manage it more effortlessly.

A messy desk also signals to other employees and staff members that your priorities are not aligned with the company’s overall image.

Here’s you can organize and maintain a mess-free desk.

  • If an item doesn’t belong on a desk, toss it or put it back where it belongs.
  • Return pens, general stationery, folders, and books back return to their proper location.
  • Keep important items you regularly need in your desk drawers.
  • If you want to reduce the amount of paper you use, consider going digital.

It’s also important to avoid eating at your desk, as it can lead to cleaning and hygiene issues. Unwanted odors can linger around the office, while the leftover crumbs can attract pests. Moreover, it impairs the functionality of your office space. No one wants to come to work and find old, moldy food. Designating a distinct eating area is a great approach to avoid this problem.

2. Clean IT Equipment

IT Equipment such as phones, computers, tablets is touched more often in offices than we realize. These items also harbor bacteria that are easily disseminated due to their constant use. Given the frequent pattern with which technology is being utilized nowadays, it can become a serious problem.

IT equipment can be kept clean using simple sanitizing wipes. However, they should be deep cleaned regularly, along with other areas in your office.

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Lowering the number of bacteria and germs in your workplace means less you’ll employees are exposed to them, which will ultimately reduce the number of sick days they take. This can save you thousands of dollars each year.

3. Make the Floors Spotless

Floor cleanliness is crucial, particularly in high-traffic areas. Even if you’ve cleaned and tidied every surface in your office, it barely makes any difference as long as the floors are dirty. They can easily become breeding grounds for bacteria, dust, and a variety of other pathogens that are dragged in from the outside world. There’s also the risk that food and drink spillages landing on the floor can cause the spread of bacteria and illness.

Deep cleaning with bleach is usually the most effective option for hard surfaces. On the other hand, carpets can be made spotless by having them steam cleaned.

4. Create a Tidy Environment in Shared Areas

It is essential to keep common areas of office shared among the employee’s tidy. Bacteria transferred from your workspace to public areas could spread illness, among others. To avoid this, it should be considered mandatory to have clean hands before entering the office. A great way to ensure this is to keep hand sanitizers on entrances and public areas. High traffic areas should also be cleaned daily with bleach or an antibacterial cleanser.

If the common areas are maintained clean, your employees will experience more happiness which means higher efficiency.

5. Always Have Air Fresheners Around

Air fresheners give your offices a nice, fresh vibe. It helps to create a cheerful mood while also masking any lingering odors coming from the bins. In warm seasons, keep your windows open to allow for optimal ventilation.

It’s important to not go overboard with air fresheners, as they can be overwhelming when applied too much. Clients and consumers can sometimes find it irritating to be greeted with strong scents and fragrances when they enter your office.

A clean office is guaranteed to make your employees, customers, and clients happy. However, cleaning requires more than just picking up after oneself, and it can be hard to know precisely what is needed to keep your office clean. That’s where a professional cleaner like HomePlus can help!

Our professional office and house cleaning service based in Boston can be hired whenever you need them, whether it’s once a day, once a week, or once a month. Our company is also concerned about the environment and uses only natural cleaning products containing fewer toxic chemicals.

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