Top Tips for Cleaning the Barbecue Grill


At times, you might think you are done with cleaning your home. However, you may have neglected certain areas. Over time, neglect in these areas leads to your home appearing much dirtier than it should, and it may lead you to wonder why your house never looks clean despite your obvious efforts.

However, there is no need to feel bad over it because to err is human. The good news is many of these cleaning tasks take just a few dedicated minutes to complete. Away from the most prominent jobs at eye level, some vital areas often get forgotten during our cleaning routine.

We have gathered some hard-to-reach or less obvious places that can lead to a surprising build-up of grime and germs that most of us do not see. Make sure you get such vital areas of your home cleaned to ensure that your home is clean and germ-free.

So, are you up to know the surprising places that need a good cleanup to make your home dirt-free? Read on!

Clean the Area Under The Bed

Most of the time, people do not give importance to clean the area under the bed. Whereas a build-up under the bed can pollute the air, you breathe. Keeping this in mind, it is worth putting in the extra effort to clean the pesky spots underneath your bed every time you do the cleaning process.

To tackle annoying under-the-bed dust, you should use a duster with an extendable handle. The point is not to give those nasty items cause respiratory problems and entice dust mites. So, the Immaculate and dust-free floors would enable you to sleep and breathe easy knowing you are not sleeping above a mound of dirt.

Empty the Dust Bins

Garbage disposal causes a funky smell. It would be best if you did not forget to clean the empty dust bins properly. The odd spillage still occurs even with bin bags that can encourage flies and contain millions of germs. Empty trash can weekly produce millions of germs.

Therefore, we must consider deep cleaning our bins at regular intervals. It is advised to properly wash the garbage containers inside and out, using hot water and disinfectant to keep germs away.

Each time you take out the trash, make sure to spray the inside of the bin with a disinfectant and wash it out thoroughly at least once a month with bleach and hot water.

Wash Your Pillows

There are certain cushions and pillows inside our homes and especially the drawing room that are used more for decorative purposes than their utility. However, they still accumulate undesirable dirt like the ones you lay your head-on. It would help if you never forgot to wash them frequently to keep them smelling fresh.

It would be best if you gave a good wash to your pillows about every four months or so. You can wash them on a gentle cycle in a washing machine to remove dead skin cells.

Clean Floor Under Rugs

Most of us do not thoroughly clean our homes and forget to lift the rugs to clean the accumulated dust. As we see something unsightly lying on the floor, we kick it under the carpet before our guests step into the living room. Well, those little bits all add up and surprise us.

You do not need to lift your rugs and hoover underneath every day but schedule it periodically to ensure it is not hiding enough dust underneath.

However, before you are done with deep cleaning, clean up the surfaces underneath rugs and make sure no corner of the floor is untidy. You can also try to declutter your living room if it does not appear tidy even after a thorough cleaning.

Deep Clean Your Microwave

Built-up spills and remnants of pastries, cakes, and one-pot delights inside ovens can cause smoke and smell issues. It is crucial to clean up those spills as soon as possible to avoid the smell.

Whatever you are baking, make it a habit to put your oven through its cleaning cycle regularly and give your microwave a good once-over after you have eaten. The cavity underneath our oven seems to attract dirt which ultimately is dangerous for our health.

Have You Discovered those Un-cleaned Surprising Areas?

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