The Right Way to Clean Mirrors


Dust, greasy fingers, and spots do not allow mirrors to stay clean for very long. Worse yet, most attempts to clean mirrors to perfection fail miserably. If there aren’t any streaks on the glass after you’ve finished, there’s always something else, such as unclean corners that you couldn’t clean thoroughly enough.

Although cleaning mirrors appears to be an easy task, especially when using a store-bought product, there’s a little more to it than you think! In truth, it’s more about the cleaning procedure, tools, and skills than it is about the best mirror cleaner.

That’s the reason why people leave it to professional house cleaners in Stoneham, MA, to clean their entire house, including the mirrors.

However, if you prefer to do it yourself, here is an extensive guide on how to clean your mirror without streaks.

5 Steps for Cleaning Mirrors

Follow these steps to make your mirror glasses glisten!

1. Remove Dust from Corners and Edges

Begin by cleaning the corners and edges of the room, which tend to collect dust over time. Use an old truth brush to remove dust from the crevices between the glass and the frame. Wipe the mirror with a clean, dry dust cloth to clean the rest of the surface.

Never use a damp cloth to wipe mirrors, even though it can effectively pick up dust from a surface. It will just produce a greater mess on the mirror in this situation.

2. Remove Stains and Marks

Examine the mirror for stains, markings, and spots left by toothpaste, cosmetics, and fingers. Spot clean these areas using cotton and rubbing alcohol.

It’s unnecessary to soak the cotton in the solution; simply dab a small amount on the glass and wipe it clean in fast, circular strokes. Because rubbing alcohol evaporates quickly, it’s critical to work swiftly for the best effects.

3. Spray Mixture of Vinegar and Water

Next, mix equal parts of water and white vinegar in a spray container and shake vigorously. Spray the mirror from a safe distance to avoid wetting the glass to the point where the cleaning solution drips down.

When the glass is not saturated, you can wipe one half at a time rather than wiping the entire glass as the cleaner drips to the bottom and begins to dry.

4. Wipe Down the Bottom of the Mirror

Wiping your mirror in circular motions or ‘S’ patterns is the easiest way to avoid streaks. Because there are no straight lines involved in this cleaning method, streaks are not formed.

After cleaning the top half of the mirror, slightly clean the lower half while slightly overlapping it. If required, use the other side of your flat-weave microfiber cloth to clean or fold it in half to wipe with a fresh side.

5. Wipe The Mirror with a Lint-Free Cloth

If you want to take it a step further, buff the mirror with a lint-free cloth right afterward, and you’ll be left with a sparkling, spot-free, and streak-free mirror!

Giving your mirrors a daily wipe down with a lint-free cloth will help keep them gleaming and spotless for longer. You can also rub alcohol and cotton pads to remove stains. This will save you time on cleaning your mirrors thoroughly too often.

Things to Avoid When Cleaning Mirrors Don’ts of Mirror Cleaning

There is a lot of information about how to clean mirrors, windows, and glass surfaces out there, which encourages individuals to use whatever cleaning chemicals, tools, and techniques they like. Unfortunately, this often results in a poor outcome as there are certain things to avoid if you want to achieve those sparkling results.

Let’s look at some of the ‘don’ts’ now that you know how to clean your mirrors properly.

  • Avoid using expired products and cleaning solutions that have been stored for more than a month because they tend to make the glass cloudy.
  • Although newspapers used to be a good cleaning tool, the ink quality used today does not produce the same results as it did in the past, so avoid them.
  • Paper towels, like newspapers, should be avoided since they produce a lint-like residue.
  • Cleaning solutions that leave suds on the mirror will cause streaks to appear on the glass.
  • Never apply a cleaning agent to the mirror until you have removed dust, grime, and stains thoroughly. Any other method will merely add to your workload.
  • Avoid touching the mirror with your fingers or hands as much as possible, as this can leave ugly scratches and smears on the surface.

Hire Professional Cleaning Services

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