How to Dal with Mosquitoes in the Summer


Nothing is more annoying than having your summer pleasure disrupted by the stinging and biting of the summer’s most vexing foes—mosquitoes. These mosquitos are accountable for transmitting some of society’s most serious illnesses, including Malaria, Dengue, and Chikungunya.

Mosquitoes may range from a constant annoyance to an enemy army with which you’re at war. The great news is that there are various methods to keep mosquitoes away and prevent them from harming you.

This post will highlight these methods to deal with Mosquitos in the summer.

Clean your House by Eliminating All Standing Water

Mosquitoes require a special environment that has stagnant, quiet water to reproduce and for their larvae to develop and grow.

The easiest approach to keep mosquitoes at bay is to clean the gutters on a regular basis, clear the pools and tubs, refresh the water in birdbaths, and cover garbage cans. Our house cleaning services in Andover, MA, can help you with this task.

This will prevent mosquitos from growing in your area and protect you from Malaria and other diseases.

Clean your Swimming Pools

Chlorinate water that has been left standing for an extended length of time, such as that in pools and warm tubs. When not being used, keep pools closed.

For safe chlorine usage, read the manufacturer’s instructions.

If you don’t want to chlorinate tiny waterfalls, pools, and wading pools, just pour some water once a week to get rid of mosquito larvae. Before refilling the container, wipe the surfaces with a brush to remove any eggs.

Pick the Right Mosquito Repellent

You can use a mosquito repellent spray to get ahead of these insects.

Any topical mosquito repellent, particularly one containing diethyltoluamide (DEET), picaridin, or lemon eucalyptus oil, will give the most long-lasting protection.

To defend against bites, repellents containing components such as citronella or tea tree oil would need to be used significantly more regularly.

A dab “here and there” of repellant isn’t enough to keep the bites at bay. For the best protection, apply repellent as a thin layer to all exposed regions of your skin, especially your hands, face, and feet.

Use Natural Insect Spray or Catnip Oil

Herbal Armor, which is made from five natural oils, was named “Best Gear of the Year” by National Geographic. Pick up a bottle of this famous DEET-free bug repellent spray before venturing outside; apply every two hours.

Nepetalactone, an essential oil found in catnip, scares away mosquitos more successfully than DEET. Although you may have to avoid your neighbor’s cat as a response, catnip oil-based bug repellent protects exposed skin well.

Run Fans at Ground Level

Mosquitoes are drawn to body scents and the carbon dioxide (CO2) we produce when we breathe. The chemicals that our bodies emit linger in the air around us, allowing mosquitoes to zero in on us — and that’s when the biting begins. Mosquitoes are confused by rapid air movement, and dispersing these telltale human indicators makes us tougher to locate.

To break up the smell patterns, place fans at the ground level and switch them on. This basic technique is surprisingly useful for last-minute parties or occasions.

Mosquitoes are poor fliers due to their small weight. The air from the fans tends to make flying hard, holding them back from your entertainment space.

Dress Appropriately

The easiest strategy to keep mosquitoes at bay is to wear long sleeves and trousers.

Some mosquito types are drawn to dark hues such as blue, black, and red, but they are all drawn to heat. Wear lighter colors to be cool (and less inviting).

Additional Tip: Avoid using scented fragrances or lotions while you’re at it.

Check Your Screens

Installing a good netted sheet or screen over your house’s windows and doors can help to keep mosquitoes at bay and shield you from the serious diseases they bring.

Locate any holes in the screen that allow mosquitos to enter your home and get them fixed. This is something that you should do regardless of the mosquito problem anyways.

Use Bug Lights

Enjoy your back porch or deck this summer without being bothered by annoying mosquitoes and other insects by installing a few bug lights. These aren’t the mosquito zappers that kill mosquitoes; these special lights give off a yellow light that is not attractive to mosquitoes or other insects. These lights may not repel mosquitoes, but it doesn’t attract them to you as traditional bulbs do.

Hire The Professionals

So these are some of the methods to deal with Mosquitos in the Summer. Apply them to keep the mosquitos at bay.

Of course, nothing beats HomePlus cleaning service’s professional mosquito control. Our house cleaning Andover MA offers numerous services to defend your yard and ensure that your special occasions are mosquito-free.

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