How Often Should You Clean Items in Your House


Folks with the cleanest houses often say the same thing: cleaning regularly is essential to keeping your place gleaming.

Cleaning reduces allergies and respiratory difficulties, kills bacteria, and extends the life of your different things (like furniture) in your house.

Waiting for the filth,grease, and grime to accumulate turns what should have been a few minutes of regular cleaning into a seven-hour ordeal. But it doesn’t imply you have to scrub the toilet and dust your shelves every day.

In this article, we will examine how often you should clean items in your house.

How Often Should You Clean Items In Your House

The frequency with which you clean your home is determined by its size, the regularity with which rooms are often used, and the types of furnishings and areas you have.

Some things must be cleaned daily, while others may be handled once per week with a basic clean and a full clean every several months.

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Let’s take a look at items that need to be clean daily.

Daily Basis Cleaning Items

Some things are used frequently. Therefore you should clean them every day at home. Some examples are discussed here:

General Clutter

Setup a countdown on your smartphone to handle any area where shoes or clothing gather. It can be house entrances, bureau tops, or garments chairs—we all have that laundry chair in the room.

You’ll be shocked at how fast these locations can be tidied up just by paying them a little focus every day.


If you prepare food and cook regularly, keeping the kitchen clean daily is essential.

When the cooking is finished for the day, keep up with the dishes, wash the countertops, and sweep and spot-mop any spills.


Fungus, mold, and germs can develop on porosity natural stone surfaces. Preserving their exterior clean and dry eliminates microorganisms that might cause illness.

Wiping down with a dry towel and soapy liquid or pH-friendly cleanser should be enough.

Items That You Should Often Clean by Weekly/Monthly

Some things are used frequently, but there is no need to clean them daily. Therefore, you should clean them on a weekly or monthly basis at your home.

NOTE: Consider light switches, door knobs, television remotes, and gaming console controllers. Germs may be kept at bay with a simple wipe down once a week, or you can also clean them on a daily basis.


According to a study, microwaving food does not destroy microorganisms. Having said that, maintaining your microwave clean is critical.

We suggest washing it down once per week and cleaning it thoroughly two times a month. You can wash it with a homemade solution.

  • Simply combine 1/2 cup water and 1/2 cup white vinegar in a microwave-safe dish
  • Microwave on maximum till the window steams up.
  • Finally, use a sponge or foam to clean the interior.

Clean the Computer

According to one research, computer keyboards retain five times the germs present on a bathroom chair. 10percent of the population never cleans them.

Schedule some time every weekend to clean the table using an antibacterial solution. Remember to keep an eye on the mouse and wipe between both buttons with an alcohol-soaked cotton swab.


Lettuce cabinets, according to researchers, can hold salmonella, listeria, yeast, and mold, making them one of the most important areas to clean regularly. Don’t rely on a spring-cleaning recall; this area of your house needs to be cleaned every month.

Once or twice a month, clean the refrigerator.

Carpets and Floors

How frequently should you vacuum your carpet? You are only required to mop floors and carpets every week until you take inside a significant amount of dirt, stay in a dusty environment, or have pets.

Even if you need to clean the ground, vacuuming loose debris first is more beneficial than brushing.


Even though you typically clean your toilet every week, you should give special focus to your bathtub and/or shower every month.

Wipe down your shower and tub area, clean shower liners, and pay special attention to any grout or tile. Toilets are susceptible to humidity accumulation, and frequent cleaning of the tub and shower prevents mold and germs from flourishing in the damp atmosphere. This also prevents minerals from accumulating on your grout, tile, and shower curtain.

Get Help by Hiring a Professional

Placing items aside once you’re finished with them and cleaning off areas afterward can make everyday housekeeping much easier. Making a schedule and establishing a precise time for daily and weekly cleaning relieves scheduling stress.

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