How a Clean Office Can Boost Productivity


Your environment reflects your state of mind. A tidy, well-organized, and presentable office indicates more productivity and constructiveness. On the other hand, disorganization and hoarding can be a sign of working hard, but they can also be a sign of stress which can negatively affect your productivity level and decision-making.

Every company strives to achieve maximum productivity by any means. In this regard, the importance of a clean working environment cannot be overlooked.

Although the link between a clean office and a high level of output may not appear clear, consider how an unhygienic environment can cause sicknesses or how a messy desk might make it difficult to locate documents that should be filed away neatly.

With that in mind, here’s how keeping your office clean can boost productivity.

1. Increases Focus

 While our brain has this amazing capacity to store a massive amount of information, it also tends to be thrown off by the slightest of stimuli.

A cluttered office is distracting, making it hard to focus on work. In open workspaces, employees are more open to distractions such as coworker talks, deliveries, and desktop notifications. Though, the closest distraction is the messy objects scattered around. It diminishes your focus because your attention can easily be diverted to whatever is lying around you, lowering your efficiency in the workplace.

That’s why maintaining a clean office is important for keeping employees more focused at work. It gives them a “sense of personal control” and makes it easier to concentrate. At the same time, a messy environment will shorten their persistence and threaten their sense of personal control.

2. Reduces Absenteeism

The average employee misses nine days of work each year due to illness, some of which could be attributed to poor workplace hygiene. This can hurt a company’s overall productivity.

Regular cleaning can keep bacteria at bay, giving it less chance to cause any illness. This means that employees are more likely to arrive at work in a productive mood, eager to tackle their daily tasks with as much zeal as possible.

3. Saves Time and Money

A study conducted by the International Data Corporation found that companies are losing $2.5 million per year due to time spent seeking documents that should have been kept in an orderly manner. This highlights the significance of keeping your workplace organized and clutter-free, which can save or cost you millions of dollars.

Rummaging through the entire workplace, trying to locate an important document can waste a lot of time. This time can be cut down by setting up a document storage system and tidying up your space.

Furthermore, it can also boost a company’s internal and external reputation. A proper document storage system will leave a good impression on your client, providing even more motivation to keep your office space clean.

4. Boosts Employees Morale

A clean working environment will lift the spirits of your employees high and motivate them to produce higher-quality work. A clean workplace represents action and responsibility. A messy workplace, on the other hand, instinctively symbolizes passivity and a lack of responsibility.

Providing them with a sanitary environment will make them feel valued, encouraging them to volunteer in keeping the office clean by decluttering when they can.

You can also hire professional office and house cleaning services like HomePlus to handle your cleaning responsibilities and not make your employees feel like they are a part-time cleaning crew. Our services can be availed in Boston!

A tidy office is also correlated with higher teamwork and employee retention, all of which are beneficial to your company.

5. Keeps Employees Healthy

As mentioned before, some people thrive in a disorganized, chaotic environment. The vast majority of people, however, become stressed and uncomfortable when they are in a messy environment.

Clutter in the office leads to the formation of bacteria. The average keyboard has 400 times the number of bacteria on it as a toilet, which makes your office space dirtier than you imagine. The bacteria contain the potential to make you or your staff sick, negatively impacting your company.

A stressed workforce is not a good sign for your company. Stress that isn’t managed can lead to a variety of health issues, including high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity, and diabetes.

Thus, regular cleaning and decluttering are necessary for keeping employees healthy and, ultimately, more productive.

Get Assistance from a Cleaning Service

Hiring a professional cleaner is avoided because they are considered too expensive. Businesses, on the other hand, are spending far over $10,000 on business interruptions, such as having staff take time off when unwell. The reason is that 70 percent of employees are distracted at work owing to a variety of issues, including an untidy and cluttered workplace.

Investing in a professional office and house cleaning service like Homeplus can make a positive impact by improving your company’s productivity, profits, and staff happiness.

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