Easiest Ways to Use Less Paper Towels


We are all aware that reducing single-use items is beneficial to our health and everyone around us. However, making the switch to reusable items is sometimes easier said than done. The major difficulty is minimizing the usage of paper towels, so that’s what we’re working on here.

The most common usage for paper towels is for general cleaning around the house. Reducing paper towel waste may appear to be a minor issue, but continuous tiny improvements are what count in the long term.

Here are various easiest ways to use fewer paper towels and, eventually, eliminate the use of paper towels.

Reduce the Size of Your Paper Towel Sheets

Since your tissue rags do not tear into smaller pieces, you can use less by slicing them into tiny pieces. Trim each page into four pieces using a pair of scissors. Then arrange it up on your countertop or in a napkin folder and retrieve one as needed.

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Wipe Off Messy Counters with Soap & Water First

Cleaning up after dinner used to be as simple as spraying down the kitchen countertops with counter stop spray and then going to town with wads of paper towels. Instead, grab a dish cloth nice and soapy with warm water, wipe down all of your surfaces, dry with a kitchen towel, rinse, and hang your kitchen cloth to dry.

This cleans your surfaces and is a more durable technique to remove any caked-on food remains—real cloth cleanses far better than paper towels.

Switch to Reusable Paper Towels

Paper towels serve three basic functions, each of which necessitates a slightly different fabric replacement, which are the following:

  • Cleaning
  • Eating
  • Cooking

We’ll discuss the replacement we prefer and how to handle practicalities like cleaning and storage for each.


Use washcloths or rags for cleaning. You should have a bundle of washcloths on hand to use as kitchen rags since they are inexpensive and clean nicely.

If you frequently have terrible spills, such as pet accidents, have a separate pair of washcloths on hand. You may do the same thing to differentiate among rags used for interior cleaning, exterior cleaning, and little kitchen clean-ups. Different colored rags are an excellent way to distinguish between them!


People frequently take out 2, 3, or even 4 sheets of paper towels to use as napkins at supper. They are occasionally utilized, and sometimes they are not. In any case, they end up in the garbage.

Cloth napkins are attractive, affordable, and reusable. Buying cotton napkins as keepsakes on your trips is a wonderful way to get them. Alternatively, you can get them from online stores.


Paper towels are widely used in the kitchen to dry off vegetables and herbs. This may be accomplished using a big linen napkin or a dish towel.

Another popular application is to catch grease, like bacon fat. Rather than using paper towels, pour the grease inside a jar to harden. The grease can then be saved for later use or spooned into the garbage or compost.

Do The “Shake And Fold”

The Shake and Fold technique is an effort to assist in minimizing the use of paper towels. Before collecting one paper towel, folding it in half, and drying your hands, shake your hands to eliminate extra water from dishes or hand-washing.

According to the Shake and Fold organization, when you fold a paper towel in half, the compressed air makes it harder and much extra absorbent, so you don’t need as much to wipe your hands or pat a slice of cleaned fruit.

Keep a Bin Under the Sink for Dirty Towels

You’ll do more laundry this way than you would normally, but it’ll be nothing compared to how many paper towels you’d use for the same amount of clean-ups.

To avoid having to run towels to the hamper in our room, you can purchase a container from Target that fits under the sink.

Use Sponges More Often

Apart from cleaning off your surfaces with paper towels after every spill, use a sponge. The single sponge can be used for up to three weeks if properly cleansed.

Whenever sponges require to be sterilized, they may be cleaned in the dishwasher or microwave (warning: it becomes a bit fragrant).

When it begins to come apart, you’ll realize it’s time to dump it.

Hire the Professionals

If you are having difficulty adapting to the above measures or if you want more assistance, HomePlus house cleaning services in Carlisle, MA, can assist you. Our experienced cleaners will clean your house on time and without the use of paper towels.

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