The Importance of Background Checks on New Employees

Can I really trust the people you’re sending to clean my home?

Who are they, how do I know they’re not criminals and they’re not gonna steal everything from my house instead of providing cleaning services? These are very good question which you should not only wonder about but also ask you cleaning service provider.

My name is Paul Auguste and I’m a former Police officer and I’m still a certified police officer in the state of New Hampshire. So why did I tell you my credentials beforehand well my primary role at HomePlus cleaning is to oversee all the HR, recruiting and the background checks of all applicants in accordance with state and local law. I also do the character references for all of our team members that come on board. When someone applies to work with HomePlus Cleaning we do an intensive background investigation. We want to make sure that the person that we’re sending into your home is trustworthy. Many times with new applicants the references that they provide to us are friends family members and supervisors that they like.

We still contact those people and just ask for a character reference but we take it a step further. We actually call their employers as well the job that they left for whatever reason and we just ask some simple questions. One of the key questions we ask them is if you had to hire this person again would you?

We want to make sure that the person was sending into your home to clean is 100% trustworthy. In all the years that our cleaning business have been in business we have never had any issues. So if you’re worried about who’s going into your home to clean, you don’t have to worry about. We’re not just pulling people off the street and sending them into your house to provide cleaning services or going on Craigslist and just finding anyone to clean for us. We only hire the top of the top and work with the best of the best and I think this shows throughout our cleaning company!