The Best Option for Home Cleaning Services


If you don’t have enough time to perform your housework, you can consider hiring professional cleaners. Cleaning services are becoming less of a luxury and more of a necessity. However, realizing that you require assistance with your primary responsibilities is only the first step.

Following that, you must look for possibilities and select the service that best meets your cleaning requirements.

We examine two types of cleaning services in this blog post: independent cleaners and cleaning businesses/companies. We will explain the differences between the two services so you can decide which is best for you. So, let’s get started.

What is an Independent Cleaner?

An independent cleaner, as the name indicates, does not work for any other business or company. Such cleaners are typically self-employed that operate in your house under your direct supervision.

At the start of the contractor-client relationship, the duties, work hours, fees, and other parameters are specified. Some independent cleaners additionally perform other household tasks such as laundry and dishwashing.

Independent cleaners may work in a single property or for several clients. A full-time maid or housekeeper is a cleaning professional that works over 40 hours each week for one customer.

What is a Cleaning Company?

A cleaning company is a firm that employs, trains, and provides cleaning services to households through their professional workers. Although a cleaning business may provide a variety of services, the majority of them focus on regular and recurrent house cleaning as their primary offering.

Regular cleaning services include routine cleaning duties such as mopping, dusting, and wiping daily used things and surfaces.

In addition, cleaning companies standardize the conditions of their services, such as the pricing and the activities performed by the cleaners.

Difference Between Independent Cleaner and Cleaning Service

Whenever a householder sees a cleaner at work, they won’t know whether they are independent workers or full-time staff. However, several significant distinctions might assist you in selecting a service that meets your requirements.

Here are some differences between independent cleaners and cleaning services companies:

If the cleaner works for a cleaning firm, the company is liable for all of the worker’s responsibilities (insurance, worker’s compensation, taxes, vacation leaves, etc.) Independent cleaners, on the other hand, have even more complicated legal obligations.

A contractor, in principle, is liable for their taxes and insurance. However, under some conditions, the IRS may find that they are your employees. The same thing might happen with insurance and workers’ compensation.

A Deeper Clean

Cleaning specialists who operate for such professional firms are trained in the correct procedures and instruments for thoroughly cleaning and sanitizing your house.

An individual housekeeper may appear to keep your home fresher, but they are unlikely to have acquired the same degree of training as our staff at HomePlus Cleaning. It might also take them much longer to tidy your house.

So, if you need a cleaning service, HomePlus house cleaning service in Manchester, New Hampshire, is always available.

Flexibility and Availability

Cleaning firms often define and systematize their cleaning services, whereas independent cleaners are more adaptable; for example, these individuals do errands, vacuuming, childcare, and other household tasks.

Nevertheless, this isn’t a hard and fast rule, and the flexibility depends on the contractor. However, you may locate flexible cleaning firms that provide unique services.

One of the most significant advantages of cleaning services is their accessibility and availability. If your housekeeper goes on holiday, becomes ill, or leaves the firm, they will send a replacement. In comparison, individual cleaners cannot offer this distinct feature of availability every time you want their service.


Hiring an independent cleaner entails having direct contact with a skilled cleaner. If you hire an independent contractor, you will most likely have their mobile number or contact details. Communication without middlemen can be more accurate and quicker.

When you employ a cleaning business, in contrast, a direct connection or line of call between customer and cleaner is uncommon. However, with good mediation from a cleaning firm, it should not be an issue.


In terms of hourly rates, independent cleaners may be less expensive because they do not incur the running costs of the cleaning firm. However, determining which sort of service costs the least overall is difficult.

Cleaning services frequently charge a set cost for their services, but independent contractors may charge you an hourly fee. The total cost of hiring a cleaning service is easy to determine as they have a standard cost for different services.

Make a Good Decision

There is no incorrect decision, whether you hire an independent cleaner or a professional cleaning service. Simply consider what is essential in your employment decision: price, time, dependability, flexibility, communication security, and so on.

However, employing a cleaning agency is preferable to hiring an independent cleaner. Therefore, if you want assistance or wish to engage a cleaning service, hire HomePlus Cleaning Services in Manchester, New Hampshire, and let us do your cleaning work.

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