Before and After Party Cleaning Tips


Inviting guests into your house can be both joyful and stressful! You look forward to presenting your house in its finest light, clean, and ready for guests—a task that can take some time and energy.

There are numerous cleaning aspects associated with organizing and preparing for an event, so if you don’t want to clean your home by yourself, HomePlus house cleaning services in North Reading, MA, are always available. We can come in and provide a thorough cleaning of your house on short notice.

If you wish to clean it yourself, we’ll show you some before and after-party cleaning tips here. Let’s get started.

Before Party Cleaning Tips

When hosting a party, there is a lot to think about. You must decorate, cook, and clean. Unfortunately, cleaning will most likely occupy the most time on your to-do checklist. Remember, you don’t have to tidy your whole house for a party. You can exclude bathrooms and bedrooms that will not be used.

Cleaning the home for an event is so straightforward with a little forethought that you’ll be tempted to employ these tips for your daily cleaning routine.

Below are some cleaning recommendations for before a party.

1. Start With Quick Clutter Busting

Work fast and in a single room at a time. You’re now preoccupied with evident clutter removal. This is not the time to clean out your closet or cabinets. This is about clearing out the clutter in your field of sight. Every time you finish a task, give yourself a huge, rewarding tick.

Focus on such 2 things as you go around each room:

  • Bring a trash bag with you and dispose of any debris as you go.
  • If you have unfinished crafts, clothing, or games lying about, put them in the places where they belong.

2. Entryway

Collect your shoes, boots, and scarves and place them in a closet or a covered basket. If feasible, place a plant pot or a vase of flowers on the entryway table. If you have a mirror inside the foyer, clean it quickly.

3. Create Space for Coats

When your guests come, you’ll need a place to put their winter clothing if it’s freezing outside. Make space in the coat cabinet for any additional coats, in addition to a box for any gloves or scarves.

If you don’t have enough space in your closet, consider using a movable garment rack or converting a room near the entryway into a temporary coat room.

4. Living Room and Dining Room

In the living room, Put any newspapers or magazines in the recycle basket, and set aside any seasonal accessories.

Is your dining room table being used as a dumping ground? Discard or stow such items in their rightful places, and if you have seasonal decorations out, place them away.

5. Refresh the Bathrooms

Close the shower curtain. Clear everything off the sink and the top of the toilet except fresh soap and hand towels, a candle, and a small vase of flowers. Wipe down the sink, faucets, and mirror. Give the toilet a quick cleaning.

After Party Cleaning Tips

Tidying up after a party may become almost as difficult as throwing one. But we’ll guide you through it step-by-step to create it as painlessly as possible. Let’s start.

1. Clean Rooms One-By-One

Take the polish and duster and scrub each object individually, making your way all around the room on each side.

Remove any slept-on mattresses (or couch beds), sort bedding into color groupings, and wash in the machine.

In a compact spray container, combine Zoflora plus water and spray drapes and smooth furnishings for a rejuvenated home.

2. Cleaning the Bathroom

First, focus on the toilet. Lift the lid and spray the toilet seat with multi-purpose bathroom spray before wiping it off with a microfiber towel designated for the toilet. Then, spray toilet cleanser along the rim of the bowl.

Using a clean microfiber towel, wipe off all mirrors and surfaces. Fill the bath and sink only with hot water just before sprinkling with Flash Cleaner (opens in new tab). Allow the cleaning agent to do its work.

3. Garden 

Take away any bottles for recycling and store cigarette butts in a plastic container before placing them in your primary, outside trash. Then, wipe away any breadcrumbs or celebration leftovers with a brush.

4. Leave the Floors Until Last

Begin by vacuuming (yes, even hard-floored areas), eliminating as much ground dust and grime as necessary. If you have hard floorings, such as hardwood, tiles, or concrete, mop it along with freshwater and a Multifunctional Cleaner. Let it air-dry before returning to the room.

Hire a Cleaning Service

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