Back-to-School Cleaning Tips and Guide


Having children around makes it tough to maintain a tidy home. Almost every parent eventually realizes that their home requires a cleaning reset. This involves performing a deep clean to remove months’ (or years’) worth of clutter, dust, and dirt. It also entails restarting cleaning practices and behaviors to prevent things from spiraling out of control.

The back-to-school season is an excellent opportunity to refresh your home cleaning routine. It’s also a fantastic opportunity to establish a new cleaning regimen now that the kids are back in school and build new cleaning habits.

Whether you are cleaning by yourself or turning to our house cleaning services in Lynnfield, MA, we present you with a guide for a successful back-to-school cleaning.

Iron School Uniforms

Iron doesn’t have to be boring. You can set up the board in front of your favorite TV program and multitask while watching.

However, if your iron has a sticky substance on the soleplate, the effort required to prevent those bright white school shirts from becoming stained could cause you to miss essential story elements. You’ll need to use a soleplate cleaner to remove the buildup of starch or other substance that has been burned onto your iron.

 Your iron will glide effortlessly over school shirts and blouses once the soleplate is spotless, and it won’t have any trouble flattening that elusive perfect crease in pants.

Clean Up Outdoor Toys

Plastic outdoor activities, garden sandpits, and seesaws are fantastic ways to get your kids outside and breathe fresh air. It can be pretty tempting to put these toys away at the end of the summer without cleaning them, but let’s face it—your kids will act out when they have to wait until the next year to play with their favorite toys.

Grab your pressure washer, or if required, hire one, and hose out your outdoor equipment. It’s not necessary to scrub for hours. After allowing it to dry in the sun, you can preserve it. Your future self will appreciate it.

Obtaining Fresh-Smelling Laundry

Let’s say you just emptied your laundry basket, including those bothersome stray objects in the bottom that require washing on a different setting than the rest. However, during school hours, if you go away for two minutes, the basket will be nearly full once more.

You need an effective washing machine that consistently keeps your clothes smelling fresh if you want to keep up with the never-ending stream of dirty school uniforms. Running a hot wash with a washing machine cleaner once a month can maintain your machine free of timescale, mold, and damp odors. That will take some stress off of you.

Are you struggling with maintaining your laundry? Our house cleaners in We has the most updated equipment and products to provide you with a better result than you could get on your own. Moreover, we also make sure that our laundry service is affordable for you.

Sanitize Carpets

As your kids hop from activity to activity, your rugs, carpets, and sofas are sure to pick up their fair share of muck, from spilled food and beverages to muddy shoes and clothes. By the time the new school year begins, your soft furnishings might look worse for wear. If bacteria accumulate on them, they might even begin to smell.

Fortunately, steam cleaning allows you to sanitize and remove dirt simultaneously. Good steam cleaners are helpful for cleaning all locations around the house, including your kitchen and bathroom, and kill 99.9% of bacteria.

Wipe Down Screens

Keeping the kids occupied with your laptop, smartphone, or tablet is a safe bet if you want an hour of guaranteed peace. However, now that the kids are back in school and you’ve regained your technology, you might discover it to be in worse shape than when you first gave it out.

Get specialized screen wipes or spray a damp (but never dripping wet) microfiber cloth with a water-and-white-vinegar solution to clean your TV, laptop, tablet, smartphone, DVDs, and gaming discs. Remember to wipe the TV remote as well!

Wash Your Kid’s Lunchboxes

One important aspect to watch out for when buying new bottles and lunch boxes for your children is ensuring they are dishwasher-friendly.

You won’t have to rinse your lunch items by hand for the entire academic year if you use dishwasher-safe items.

Imagine what you could accomplish if you had that few extra minutes each day. At the very least, you can put your feet up for those additional two minutes!

You can clean baseball caps in the dishwasher to preserve them in shape; just remember not to wash your dishes simultaneously!

Short on Time and Money? Get a Professional

After working a full-time job and caring for your family, one hardly has enough time and energy to clean the house. In such scenarios, you might want to consider getting some outside assistance. This is where HomePlus can help!

Our house cleaning services in Lynnfield, MA, focus on quick, efficient, and exceptionally high-quality work. We produce results by using methods and tools that our rivals don’t.

Our skilled house cleaners in Lynnfield, MA, are familiar with every type of flooring and furniture, along with the most cutting-edge cleaning supplies available. Your home will be so spotlessly clean that you won’t even recognize it!

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